Rebuild Response

If you have an insurance claim we have you covered! XO Homes assists families that have experienced total home losses. In conjunction with Rebuild Response, we identify individuals who have experienced these losses and turn their unfortunate situation into a new dream home. Being able to be a part of the Rebuild Response team is a testament to our customer service as this is a major factor considered when joining their team. We have the tact and compassion to ensure homeowners who have experienced a traumatic event are given the appropriate attention and care.

Our Mission and Values

XO Homes’ mission is to build high quality homes to support the growth of the Forest City. A major key to this is instilling confidence in our clients by building a strong, highly transparent relationship. Our exceptional employees and sub-contractors help us achieve our mission with their expertise and the necessary foresight needed to ensure that you love your home. XO Homes runs its business and each project holding ourselves to the following values:

Well rounded employees and partners

Employees and partners are the heart of our business. Leading well balanced lives is an integral part to our shared success.

Honesty and Transparency

Open and honest communication ensures that your home matches your vision.


Treating everyone with respect goes a long way to assure the appropriate dedication and care is brought to the creation of your home.


A thorough and complete thought process, with no short-cuts, provides the confidence that every facet of the house has been planned.


We take pride and responsibility in all our decisions, we hold ourselves accountable to our clients because of the trust you put in us to build your family’s home.

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