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About Us


XO Homes was founded by 2 London raised partners passionate about the growth of their community. With over 40 years of combined construction and new home building experience, the XO team offers a knowledgeable and modern vision to the industry. Our level of engagement with each decision of the entire home building process assures the high level of quality we strive to achieve.


We instill confidence in our clients by building a strong relationship based on transparency and honesty. We pride ourselves on understanding the unique needs and preferences of every family, and take that to heart when designing each home that we build. XO Homes strives to ensure that you love your home as much as we love ours.

Why Us?


At XO Homes, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you love your home. This is more than a slogan to us, it is the inspiration behind our business. We want to involve you, the client, in as much of the home building process as possible. We offer you the freedom to customize your home and truly make it the one of your dreams. Whether you want to take one of our plans and modify it or allow us to design one with you from scratch, the options are endless.


You have entrusted us with an extremely important job, building the setting for your family’s memories. We take this seriously and I pledge that my team, and the sub-contractors we hire, will honour this trust with respect, accountability, and quality workmanship. When we build a home, we build it as if it was our own. This means putting in the time and doing extensive research to ensure you are getting the best quality for the best price, great value! Our knowledge of the London, Ontario construction and new home building industry means we know who the best person is for every job.


On behalf of everyone at XO homes, welcome home!


Chau Trac, President

Our Values

XO Homes runs its business and each project holding ourselves to the following values:

Well Rounded Employees and Partners

Our employees and sub-contractors are the heart of our business. We want to ensure that they lead well balanced lives, so they can serve our clients to their exceptional potential.

Honesty and Transparency

We want you to know that the home being built matches your unique requirements and specifications. Open and honest communication is the only way to let you know that the house you envisioned is the house that is being built.


Whether communicating with you, the client, or the sub-contractors we hire, we respect everyone’s opinion and work. Treating everyone with respect goes a long way to ensuring the appropriate dedication and care is brought to the creation of your home.


When your family’s home is being designed and built, you want the confidence that no surprises arise today or 10 years down the road. We value a thorough and complete thought process, with no short-cuts, to assure that nothing is left to chance!


We take pride and responsibility in all our decisions. Whether it is the choice of sub-contractors or ensuring the project is moving in a timely manner, we hold ourselves accountable to our clients because of the trust you put in us to build your family’s home.

Interested in building with us but have some questions?