FAQ - XO Homes Custom Builders
At XO Homes, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you love your home. This is more than a slogan to us, it is the inspiration behind our business. We want to involve you, the client, in as much of the home building process as possible. We offer you the freedom to customize your home and truly make it the one of your dreams. Whether you want to take one of our plans and modify it or allow us to design one with you from scratch, the options are endless.
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How long does it take to build an XO Home?

Normal lead time on new construction should be approximately 6-8 months.

How does pricing a design/custom home work?

Pricing is determined based on the plan that you select. If you would like a custom plan, XO Homes’ design team will develop your plan with detailed pricing. A non-refundable deposit is required to proceed with all custom work.

Can I make changes to the plan?

Yes, we encourage you to adjust the plans to match your family’s needs. Please take the time to review the plans so they truly outline your dream home. XO Homes allocates time for potential structural changes in our schedule. Nevertheless, once we confirm and agree upon a closing date with you, we proceed to apply for City Approved Permit drawings. After this process has begun, we are no longer able to make structural changes.

How does XO Homes choose the sub-contractors used to build my home?

The sub-contractors we select are local trades people that have been working in the housing industry for many years. We only select sub-contractors that we have established strong relationships with. This ensures that they build your dream home on time, on budget, and with the greatest amount of care.

Can I visit the construction site as my home is being built?

We understand and welcome your desire to visit your new home, but your safety is our priority. As such, we will schedule construction walk-throughs that fit your schedule as your home is being built. We advise avoiding unaccompanied visits on nights and weekends to prevent injury. We must caution that unaccompanied visits can be considered trespassing.

What are your payment terms, and how much of a deposit does XO Homes require?

XO Homes requires a total of 10% deposit of the agreed upon sales price; we accept a $10000 deposit once the offer has been signed. The remaining balance of the 10% deposit is required once the agreement has been accepted and finalized.

How much room in my budget should I leave for upgrades and décor?

XO Homes hand picks the finest standard finishes for our projects, diminishing the need to overspend on upgrades. With this in mind, if you want to truly personalize your home, you should budget an extra $30,000 -$50,000 for upgrades and décor.

Do I have to pay for upgrades up front?

Our customers are not required to pay for upgrades under $50,000 up front. You are required to pay for any upgrades over $50,000 up front.

How do I know I am getting a fair price on upgrades and décor?

XO Homes bases our reputation on transparency. We have open communication with all our clients regarding pricing. We also honour full credits giving you the freedom to make a choice knowing it can be altered. XO Homes will provide you with our direct contact of sub-contractors so you can witness the quality in their display rooms first-hand.

What happens if there is a delay in finishing my home?

Delays are an inevitability of the home building process. We can guarantee that we will have open and quick dialogue with our sub-contractors to minimize delays. We adhere to the Tarion Guidelines, which dictate how much notice we will provide you given a delay. For these guidelines and more, please visit https://www.tarion.com.

Is there a model home that I can walk through?

Yes, we have a model home that you can view. Please contact us to set up an appointment.